Meet Brian Jordan

For almost 20 years, Brian Jordan has helped make sports history, as both an All-Star player with the Atlanta Braves, St. Louis Cardinals, LA Dodgers, Texas Rangers, and an All-Pro selection with the Atlanta Falcons, but this Baltimore native has contributed more than just home runs and bone-jarring tackles. Jordan is an Emmy award-winning sports analyst for Bally Sports South and a recurring broadcast personality for the MLB Network, Sports South, and ESPN.

As a lead analyst for the Atlanta Braves, he has been in the homes of millions of sports lovers every week. In 1998, he founded the Brian Jordan Foundation, a non-profit organization providing education, literacy, physical and mental resources to help young people and their families. Now, a highly sought-after speaker, analyst and author, Jordan, most recently, began displaying his considerable talent as a writer.

His best-selling children’s book entitled, “I Told You I Can Play” is a brilliant chronicle of how he followed his heart to show young people that they can do anything if they put their minds to it. In 2010, Jordan also released his second children’s book entitled “Overcoming the Fear of the Baseball”. This, must read, details a childhood experience when Jordan was hit in the face with a fastball.

Instead of calling it quits, he was forced to face his fear and returned to the baseball field where he went on to play 18 years of Major League Baseball. Jordan’s most recent children’s book entitled “Time-Out For Bullies” discusses how his mother taught him first-hand what bullying is and how it negatively impacts children and suggests some solutions for dealing with bullies.

Jordan has developed his first chapter book, “The Adventures of Champ Jr. The Mystery Behind Doggy Lane.” This series helps youth with understanding themselves, and their development in the world to make the world better. Brian is truly dedicated to tackling literacy by motivating one child at a time to read.